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Photo: Lauren Jackson
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(Photo: Lauren Jackson)

The infectious spirit and transformative power of “Ted Talks” have inspired millions around the world, and thanks to one group’s efforts, they are doing the same at U.Va. More than 600 ticket registrants entered a lottery for the 100 live attendee seats, as well as for approximately 100 spots in a series of short courses offered by experts from a variety of fields. Countless others took advantage of livestream feeds set up throughout Grounds. TEDxUVA is an independently organized half-day TED event on grounds that is devoted to the TED mission of celebrating “ideas worth spreading.” Last spring the organization held its second annual event, TEDxUVA 2014: Making the Path. With a title inspired by Stephen Colbert’s 2013 Valediction speech, the event was dedicated to celebrating those who dreamed of change and took a leap. Participants included Aneesh Chopra, First Technology Officer of the United States, leading Australian didgeridoo player William Barton, Sarah Kucenas, Assitant Professor of Biology at U.Va., mountaineering U.Va. undergrad Cason Craine, 2014 Computer Engineering major Kevin McVey and others.

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