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Sound Cast of San Giorgio Maggiore

This innovative and interdisciplinary project between the Music Department and the School of Architecture combines two of Thomas Jefferson’s greatest passions – architecture and music – in a way they have rarely been brought together before. The project, led by Matthew Burtner from the Department of Music and Anselmo Canfora from the School of Architecture, brings together composers, architects, performers, historians and students to explore how buildings, through resonating, flexing and vibrating, become musical instruments that are performed by the environment. The resulting artwork, Sound Cast of San Giorgio Maggiore, celebrates a unique connection between the buildings of Charlottesville and Venice through the work of Andrea Palladio and his disciple, Thomas Jefferson. The work will be created using special microphones and sensors, and will ultimately bring an immersive surround-sound caste of the Palladian masterpiece to Jefferson’s Grounds.

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