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‘Hoo’s On the Air?

The more time you spend in and around Charlottesville, the more amazed you become at the wide range of interests and activities of the people who live and work here. Your mechanic is also a painter? Your contractor writes and sings songs? It happens so much you almost expect it. So it’s not surprise to folks on Grounds and in town to hear the WTJU airwaves chock full of academic leaders and University staff members sharing a wide range of musical passions on the airwaves each week. Listen to WTJU on Saturday afternoons and you will hear Curry School professor Brian Pusser co-hosting his weekly folk show. Getting your ankle looked at by kinesiology expert Jay Hertel at the Medical Center? Ask him about his New Orleans-themed blues/jazz/funk show. By day, Steven Villereal is one of the key A/V conservators at the UVA libraries. But have you heard his incredibly eclectic rock show? UVA Health resident Emily Sloan is busy earning an MD/PhD combination degree and doing HIV/AIDS research. WTJU fans might know her better from her popular punk and hardcore music show. How about Steve Huff? He is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Neurology with a serious ear for jazz, which he happily shares on the air each Monday evening. So next time you are streaming WTJU at your desk or driving along to it in your car, remember that there are a multitude of talents and interests behind those voices you hear and the songs they share!

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