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Sanjay Suchak

Welcome Back from Jody Kielbasa

Building Bridges. If you think about it, this is one of the things that the arts do best, and the idea of building bridges is at the heart of a university-wide initiative championed by UVA President Jim Ryan from the first day he returned to Grounds.

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In this issue, we take a look at how people and departments throughout the Betsy and John Casteen Arts Grounds are reaching across disciplines and across communities to find ways for people to experience their work and the ways in which the work is helping people process the world around them in new and enlightening ways.

We will also celebrate the extraordinary life and legacy of Mortimer Caplin, who recently passed away at the age of 103. Mr. Caplin often spoke of how his passion for the arts was born right here at UVA, where he performed in a number of drama productions as an undergrad. He carried that passion, and his love for the University, for a lifetime, and he clearly passed it on to his wonderful family. 

As always, you will find plenty of the stories behind the makers whose inspiration and talent make our Arts Grounds such a vibrant place to create, to learn, and of course, to connect. We hope you enjoy these stories, and that you are inspired to explore the great work being done here!

Thanks very much for reading, and all the best,

Jody Kielbasa

Vice Provost for the Arts
Director, Virginia Film Festival
University of Virginia
Contact: uvaartsmagazine@virginia.edu

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