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Photo: Tom Cogill
The Kluge-Ruhe

Stars Over the Sea

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Torres Strait Islander artist David Bosun was recently featured in the 18-minute film Stars over the Sea, by award-winning Charlottesville filmmaker Chris Farina (World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements). Bosun is the first of six artists awarded residencies at the Kluge-Ruhe by the Australia Council for the Arts, with the goal of integrating Indigenous Australian artists into the academic life of the University. During his time here, he interacted with more than 600 people spanning disciplines from art to anthropology, linguistics, dance and astronomy. “We’re making history with history,” said Bosun in describing his collaborative project with William Bennett’s students in the McIntire Department of Art, which involved carving a traditional ceremonial pole from a 200-year-old pecan tree believed to have been planted by Thomas Jefferson.

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