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William Wylie

Students contemplate Sol LeWitt's A Sphere Lit From the Top, Four Sides, and All Their Combinations at The Fralin.
Studio Art & The Fralin


This fall, Fralin Museum visitors have a chance to view a rarely-seen creative side of one of the 20th century’s most renowned artists in “Collection: Sol LeWitt and Photography.” The exhibition is curated by William Wylie, a professor of photography and director of the Studio Art Department in UVa’s McIntire Department of Art. LeWitt is known for his hallmark contributions to minimalism and conceptualism, yet exhibitions highlighting his photographs are exceedingly rare. “Collection: Sol Lewitt and Photography” features LeWitt’s own photos presented alongside those of other photographers who inspired him or were inspired by him. The exhibition also celebrates LeWitt’s creative calling card in the form of a realization of one of his massive wall drawings, executed over the course of one week by a team of artists, including Wylie and four Studio Art students. The process of producing “Wall Drawing No. 686” reflects LeWitt’s philosophy that “the idea becomes a machine that makes the art,” i.e. that an artist should be able to create a blueprint and delegate the actual work to others. The exhibition also features a LeWitt sculpture called “Incomplete Open Cube”, from The Fralin’s collection, created in 1974, as part of a series of 122 variations of Incomplete Open Cubes. The different combinations of three to eleven edges, or “parts,” encourage the viewer to mentally construct a complete cube—for LeWitt, a symbol of three-dimensionality.

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