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Sage Tanguay and Going Home: Allegheny Mountain Radio

After packing up her hopes and dreams and heading to Los Angeles, it didn't take Sage Tanguay long to have her first "We're not in Kansas anymore" moment. It came on one of her first projects as an entry-level Production Assistant. She was arranging some set pieces to ensure that the post they were leaning against would not be in the shot. "He came over and gently said, ‘it's great that you are doing that. But leave it for the art techs, they are paid twice what you are, so don't spare them.'" The interaction provided clarity to a professional journey that had thus far intentionally had none. Instead of spending her creative energies on productions that had little funding but were fueled plenty by passion, Tanguay was in exactly the opposite situation and found herself longing for her previous life and for her Appalachian roots. She gave herself a few months to sort it out, before returning to Charlottesville in February of 2017 and then to her Bath County home in July of that year. Tanguay was a performer and a maker during her time at UVA, includingworking as a DJ, news producer, & host at WTJU and being part of the Dance Program at UVA. She began the journey to reclaim her artistic self by walking through the doors of Allegheny Mountain Radio, located near her childhood home and right behind her high school, which she writes, "I drive by every day, as if the last six years didn't happen." She is now AMR’s newest morning DJ. While Tanguay is living proof that you can, in fact, go home again, she is keeping her future options open while learning and growing where she was planted. "Maybe I will eventually return to the City of Angels," she writes. "But I would rather build myself up in a place that I understand, in a community that I can contribute to. And it's hard to beat the natural beauty of the Allegheny Highlands."

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