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Interdisciplinary Arts



Award-winning composer and intermedia artist Peter Bussigel has begun his three-year Jefferson Teaching Residency in Interdisciplinary Arts. Known for his work with sound, video and performance, Bussigel has worked on a wide range of projects, including audiovisual instruments, interactive software systems, sound installations, experiential videos and concert games. Bussigel regularly creates playful and critically engaged musical situations that invite audiences to move between modes of listening and look at creative ways to use sound to interact with the world. His ndial, which acts as both an instrument and a game, combines automated sampling and sequencing with manual controls to navigate sound worlds in unpredictable ways, earning him the 2013 Improvisation and Digital Arts Festival Prize and second place in the 2015 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition. Bussigel, who most recently taught interdisciplinary courses as Artist-in-Residence at the Granoff Center at Brown University, will be teaching intermedia courses designed to connect UVa’s various creative departments. “We are thrilled to welcome Peter Bussigel into the Music Department to teach interdisciplinary arts,” said Matthew Burtner, Associate Professor of composition and computer technologies. “His scholarship on interactive interfaces of play sheds new light on the history and impact of electronic and digital gaming. His creative artworks are elaborate performance systems, collaboratively improvised with visual/audio interfaces. Peter will direct the MICE (Mobile Interactive Computer Ensemble), and students interested in building electronic instruments and programming multimedia for live performance will love that class. I expect his courses, such as ‘Systems of Play’ and ‘Intermedia Composition,’ to be attractive for students across the arts, particularly those interested in emerging technology.”

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