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Mona Kasra

Making an [I]nquiry: Possibilities with the UVA Arts Endowment

Students perform in the debut of [I] n q u i r y
(Photo: Mona Kasra)

Last Spring marked the debut of [ I ] n q u i r y, a multidisciplinary collaboration between the head of the Dance Program of the UVA Department of Drama, Kim Brooks Mata, digital media designer, Mona Kasra, composer, Kristina Warren, and costume designer, Debra Otte of Montclair State University. Made possible through the support of an Arts Enhancement Grant and the Arts Endowment through the Office of the Provost and Vice Provost of the Arts, the mixed media performance was inspired by 21st Century perceptions, constructions and manifestations of Self within online and physical spaces. The piece integrated dance, sound and visuals to explore notions of identity, self-representation, and self-presentation in our hyper-mediated, networked existence. Along with their students, the artists modeled a cross-disciplinary, collaborative, creative practice aiming to further influence one another’s artistic contributions and discover new perspectives and methods for inquiry. They strove to bring together seemingly disparate disciplines to deepen individual and communal perspectives regarding the perception, construction and projection of Self in the networked age.

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