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At their home near San Francisco (left to right): Vinie Zhang Miller, Sandy Miller, Christine Miller Droessler & Charlotte Miller
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J. Sanford Miller Family Endows Fralin Museum Director Post

The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia recently received a $2 million gift from the J. Sanford Miller family to endow the directorship of The Fralin. This gift has been combined with a $1 million match from the Bicentennial Professors Fund for a total of $3 million in support, and represents the inaugural endowment for the Bicentennial Professors Fund, which was launched last December. “The Fralin Museum of Art is central to the educational mission and values of inclusion and excellence at this great public university,” J. Sanford Miller said. “The arts are essential to translate and humanize our shared experience in an increasingly technology-based society. Through this gift, we aim to support in perpetuity the leadership of The Fralin and their goal to foster meaningful engagement with the arts and culture for all students and visitors. The current Director and Chief Curator of The Fralin Museum of Art is Matthew McLendon. J. Sanford Miller is a Phi Beta Kappa alumnus of UVA, graduating from the UVA College of Arts & Sciences with a degree in Drama in 1971. He later earned his J.D./MBA from Stanford University in 1975. Miller is a general partner at Institutional Venture Partners in Menlo Park, California, focusing on late-stage technology venture capital. He has been personally involved in more than 100 IPOs and is one of only eight venture capitalists to be included on all of the Forbes Midas lists since 2007. He has served on more than 25 boards, including five public company boards. Miller is a member of The Fralin Museum of Art’s Advisory Board, as well as a member and former chair of UVA’s Arts Council, the Campaign Executive Committee, the Raven Society, co-chair of the Arts Endowment and San Francisco Region Jefferson Scholars Committee. Support for the Arts and the Arts at UVA is a family affair for the Millers. His two adult daughters Christine Miller Droessler (College, ‘04 ) and Charlotte Miller (College ‘08) both majored in Art History and serve on the UVA Arts Council and The Fralin Museum Advisory Boards respectively, and work in the art field. J. Sanford Miller and his wife Vinie also are collectors of Chinese Art and are the parents of twin daughters.

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