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Federico Cuatlacuatl by Bowling Green State University Photography

Introducing Federico Cuatlacuatl

by Federico Cuatlacuatl - Future-Past
Duration: 00:02:40
2D Computer Animation
(Photo: Federico Cuatlacuatl)

The Studio Art Department is proud to announce the appointment of Federico Cuatlacuatl as Assistant Professor. Cuatlacuatl, a native of Puebla, Mexico who grew up in the United States as an undocumented immigrant, is an immensely talented visual and digital artist whose life and work have been focused on bridging cultural gaps. The Puebla, Mexico native was just 7 years old when he joined his parents, who had left their small town for the United States a few years earlier to build a better life and future for him and his family. He and his brother were understandably overwhelmed when they landed in New York City, and faced many all-too-common challenges for immigrants as they settled in the factory town of Plymouth, Indiana. Federico spoke no English, and turned to drawing as a way to connect with people and ease his transition into his new life. As his passion and talent grew, people took notice. He won national competitions. And he was accepted to Ball State University, where he earned a BFA in computer animation, and went on to earn an MFA, specializing in digital arts, in 2015 at the Bowling Green State University. Cuatlacuatl has carried the lessons and memories of his own immigrant experiences into his work, which is largely focused on reflecting the current realities of Hispanic immigrant diasporas in the United States, and on bringing forth awareness, change, advances, and cultural sustainability. His work has been featured at a number of exhibitions and film festivals throughout the United States and internationally, including: Canada; Finland; Athens, Greece; Paris, France; Mexico; India; Portugal; and England. Federico is the founder of the Rasquache Artist Residency and has led this international residency program in his hometown of Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.

Coapan Sin Tiempo 01 & 02
by Federico Cuatlacuatl
Duration: 00:06:59
Video & 3D Computer Animation

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