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Every Body Has a Story

"My conviction is that every body has a story worth telling"
Kendall siewert


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Iris Magazine intern Kendall Siewert likes to say that she considers herself more of a storyteller than a photographer. Her fascinating and intimate exhibit Every Body at OpenGrounds is proof that she is gifted in both areas. Siewert began the project in Fall 2015 by inviting women on Grounds to pose for a photograph then write an accompanying story that captured how the subjects feel about their bodies. Siewert published the results of her efforts in Iris in a deeply moving piece that captured a diverse range of experiences and insights that highlighted insecurities, triumphs, and deep truths. “My conviction is that every body has a story worth telling,” she told Iris “and my desire to somehow share these stories with others is how this project was born.” The response to her project was so great that Siewert was inspired to expand it to include men as well. “I find lots of differences between the projects, but in reality – each person I meet and photograph – the same sentiments are there.”

Students view Siewert's gallery opening at OpenGrounds
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