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Darden School of Business (Credit: Dan Addison)
Art Across Grounds

Celebrating Creativity at the Darden School of Business

Art is everywhere at UVA. It is in the statues, the landscapes, and most definitely in the carefully-crafted designs first imagined by Jefferson himself. In some cases, however, art serves the role of imbuing spaces with meaning that goes beyond what a physical space can convey. 

Such is the case with the Darden Graduate School of Business. “It is well recognized that the built environment can act as an important expression of a community’s values – a prime example being the lawn,” said Marc Lipson, the Robert F. Vandell Professor of Business Administration, who, along with Debbie White, Director of Operations at the Batten Institute, curates art exhibits at Darden. “The art we display serves a similar role - we use art as a way to express the values that are not clearly expressed in our buildings such as the importance of diversity, creativity, and cultural literacy.” The art, he said, also helps the school bridge another important divide as well. “These exhibits help us balance a traditional environment with contemporary aesthetics - conveying how at Darden, we embrace both established practices and innovative new thinking. It is a way to communicate the vibrancy and energy of the community. A rotating set of exhibits, ideally matched with a collection of regularly displayed works, demonstrates our openness to creative thinking and establishes that we are an ever-evolving and advancing institution.” 

The exhibits also serve as an important link to the broader Charlottesville community. In almost all cases, the exhibits over the past several years have shared the work of local artists. For example, Darden has displayed works by Renee Balfour, John Borden Evans, Michelle Gagliano, David Hawkins, Christy Yates, and William Wylie. This commitment to local artists is not often recognized. Community members are encouraged to experience this inspired work at openings and over the course of each exhibit.

Citron Yella, 2016, Lou Haney, Oil on masonite, 36 inches (round)
Work from Celebrating Creativity: Works by Local Women Artists, opened February 20, 2019, courtesy of the artist, Lou Haney
(Photo: Lou Haney)

Given the importance of creativity to the arts, it is not surprising that the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Darden lends its support to these exhibitions - highlighting both the innovative nature and entrepreneurial spirit of working artists. Currently, Darden is showcasing its commitment to local artists with Celebrating Creativity: Works by Local Women Artists. Running through November of 2019, the exhibition includes works by Isabelle Abbot (College ‘05), Bolanle Adeboye (Arch ‘01), Renee Balfour, Bridget Baylin, Karen Blair, Geral Butler, Brielle DuFlon, Stacey Evans, Michelle Gagliano, Giselle Gautreau, Michelle Geiger, Sam Gray, Lou Haney, Logan MacKethan, Megan Marlatt, Ivy Naté, Kelly Oakes, Lisa Ryan, Sharon Shapiro, Kiki Slaughter (College ‘05), Suzanne Tanner, Sarah Trundle, Barbara Venerus, Kristie Wood, Christen Borgman Yates (College ‘99), Sarah Boyts Yoder, and Cate West Zahl. 

Planning a visit: The street address for Darden is 100 Duffy Blvd. Stop at the gatehouse, immediately on your right as you turn in, to obtain a parking pass if visiting before 3:30pm. The exhibit can be viewed from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Works are located in the Alumni Lounge and Darden Art Gallery in Saunders Hall, and on the second floor of the Camp Library common area and in the Batten Institute suite, #209. If you have questions, please contact Debbie White at whited@darden.virginia.edu

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