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Emily Leventhal
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Career Center Hosts Industry Breakfast

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For one group of UVA students, this year’s Virginia Film Festival was about much more than the films that graced its screens.  On Friday, November 6, a special networking breakfast hosted by the UVA Career Center brought together entertainment industry professionals in town for the VFF with students interested in the film and entertainment industry. Held at Open Grounds, the event drew over 40 attendees and featured a near 1:1 ratio of students to professionals.

“That made it really special,” said Kate Melton, Associate Director, Creative Arts, Media & Design Career Community. “It really forced students to interact and make the most of what was an incredible opportunity.” The opportunity was not lost on Morgan Hale (College ‘17). “It can be really difficult as a student to establish the connections necessary for success in our current competitive market,” she said. “By creating an event like this, where students and creators can interact on a more personal level, you create a great starting line for many of us who otherwise might not know where to begin.”

(Photo: Emily Leventhal)

The event attracted actors, directors, producers, and writers, hailing from Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta & Maryland, Melton said.  The event, according to the Festival’s Managing Director Jenny Mays (College ‘03), was a hit for filmmakers as well as students. “We got great feedback from the participating Festival guests, who so appreciated the opportunity to share their experiences and advice with UVA students. We look forward to working with Kate and her team to continue the program into future years.”

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