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Micheal Bailey

Building Support for the Arts

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Annual Giving to the Arts

Each year, generous support for the arts from alumni and friends advances our educational and programming excellence and ensures cultural activities and facilities are accessible to our students, university community, Charlottesville and beyond. Through a gift to the Arts & Arts Grounds fund, you can help impact the artistic landscape at the University of Virginia. This fund is administered by the Vice Provost for the Arts and is awarded across schools and units where opportunities and needs are most urgent. To make a gift to the Arts & Arts Grounds Fund, visit arts.virginia.edu/give or contact McCailin Wunder at 434-924-1308 or email for more information.

Enriching the Arts through Advocacy & Participation

Members of the UVA Arts Council provide advice and support for the arts at UVA. Bringing together members, students and faculty for meetings on Ground twice annually, the UVA Arts Council strives to develop and strengthen the bonds of interest and participation among the arts community. Membership is secured through a nominations process for interested donors who make a gift of $2500 or more to the Council. In addition, the Council awards project grants of $10,000 and under to arts departments and programs across Grounds. For information on membership, contact McCailin Wunder at 434-924-1308. 

Sustaining the Future for UVA Arts

Established in the summer of 2014, the Arts Endowment aims to complete a continuum of support for the arts at UVA by building a sustainablesource of funds to further enhance the University’s profile as a leader in arts learning, teaching and service. Donors who make a gift to the Arts Endowment of $100,000 or more are invited to serve a five-year trustee term to advise the Office of the Provost on the use and strategic investment of endowment earnings. For more information, contact Bob Halbruner at 434-924-6025. 

Joseph Erdman (College ‘56) , Co-chair
J. Sanford Miller (College ‘71), Co-Chair
The J. Sanford Miller Family
John H. Birdsall (College ‘66)
Mary Scott B. Birdsall (Education ‘66)
Joanne B. Robinson
Hunter J. Smith, Honorary Trustee
Gretchen M. Tibbits (College ‘89)

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