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School of Architecture

Arctic Design Initiative

The U.Va. School of Architecture is in the midst of groundbreaking work that is examining the Arctic by combining design with natural and social science. The Arctic Design Initiative is an interdisciplinary design research platform led by co-directors Matthew Jull, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Architecture; and Leena Cho, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture. It explores architectural, urban and ecological futures of the region at a critical moment when climate change and globalization are presenting a wide and dynamic array of challenges that are set to shape its environmental, political and cultural future. The project was launched in 2012 and is the only one of its kind in the United States and one of only a handful in the world. Early last year, the Arctic Design Initiative hosted an exhibition highlighting the research results of its fieldwork, conferences and coursework by both undergraduate and graduate-level Landscape Architecture students, bringing to light the issues, challenges and opportunities that continue to shape the region.

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